FireThe Council is dedicated to educating and informing our New York City and Long Island communities and public officials regarding the vital role fire sprinklers play in protecting lives and property. Our mission is to increase awareness regarding the benefits of installing and maintaining fire sprinkler systems and to promote the fire sprinkler trade as a specialty within the mechanical contracting industry.

In recognition of the highly regulated nature of the fire sprinkler industry, it is the further mission of this organization to confer with and provide advice to those public agencies that enforce and promulgate rules and regulations concerning the installation, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems in furtherance of the above mentioned goals.

Agency Collaboration

Our members work collaboratively with the New York City Buildings Department, New York City Fire Department and the Nassau County Fire Marshal’s Office. Contractor members and Association staff serve on the following committees:

  • New York City Buildings Department Plumbing & Fire Suppression Sub-Operations Committee
  • New York City Building Code Fire Protection Code Revision Committee
  • New York City Fire Department Certificate of Fitness Revision Committee
  • New York City Department of Buildings License Board
  • New York City Building Resiliency Task Force
  • New York City Fire Museum Board
  • Nassau County Fire Marshal’s Office
  • Any other New York City or Long Island advisory board or committee discussing fire sprinkler or standpipe protection as requested

Agency Collaboration

Property Loss Report

Every year, fires cost billions of dollars in property damage. According to the National Fire Protection 2013 report, US Experience with Sprinklers, with wet-pipe sprinklers the rate of property damage per reported home structure fire was lower by 68%. Below is a chart reprinted from the same report:

Fire Sprinkler Property Loss